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Active Shooter Deployment Pak – BLUE




Our Active Shooter Deployment Pak is Has all the essentials needed for a Active Shooter Situation. If this kit does not suit your needed email us and we can custom build a kit to suit your needs.

Rothco Med Bag
(Black, Blue, Red or Orange) 1
C.A.T. TQ 5
Israeli Bandage 5
Hyfin Chest Seal (2 Pack) 8
Nasal Airway 28Fr 5
Quik-Clot Gauze 4×4 5
Dyna-Stopper 5
4” Roll Compression Gauze 12
Pair = Gloves (Sterile Single Pack) 10
Trauma Shears 1
1” Paper Tape 2
N95 Mask (5 Pack) 1
Safety Glasses 5
Blow Out Mini Kit 5