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Red Compact Medic First Responder EMS/EMT Trauma Bag #LXMB10-R




The LXMB10 is our most compact first responder bag. It holds the same standard fill kit as our LXMB20, but with a more streamlined fit and value minded design. The bag consists of a main hold with customizable dividers, a storage flap with 6 elastic tool loops, and two full length zippered side pockets. Unlike similar bags with buckled flaps, the MB10 has all zippered compartments – so everything stays in place until you need it. The webbing carry straps feature a hook and loop strap grabber to keep the handles in place. Finally, the sides and back include yellow & silver triple trim reflective tape for added visibility on scene, and an ID card holder for easy identification. When assembled, the bag measures 14″ (L) x 9″ (W) x 7″ (H)

  • [HOW BIG IS IT?] When assembled, our LXMB10 trauma bag measures 14″ (L) x 9″ (W) x 7″ (H)
  • [WHAT DOES THE INSIDE LOOK LIKE?] The main compartment has customizable foam dividers that can be configured many different ways to organize your supplies
  • [HOW DO I KEEP TRACK OF IT ON SCENE?] Each side has yellow and silver reflective tape and the rear has an ID card holder for easy identification and visibility
  • [WHAT MAKES THIS ANY BETTER THAN SIMILAR BAGS?] Aside from the limited lifetime warranty, our bag features double layer construction, padded main hold, lined compartments, embroidered star of life, reinforced stitching and all-zippered comartments. Buy with confidence!
  • [WHERE DO I GET THE SUPPLIES TO FILL IT?] Unless you want to spend an arm and a leg, we don’t recommend going to your local drug store to fill it up. While you are free to add your own supplies we do offer this bag pre-stocked in several variations.